Integrate and manage pharmacogenomic resources

Pharmacogenomic interactions

Semedy's Pharmacogenomic Interaction Solution, available through the Clinical Knowledge Management System (CKMS), provides a centralized repository with all pharmacogenomic-related assets, including medications, genes, genotypes, alleles, and phenotypes. CKMS enables periodic updates to accommodate changes to reference sources providing users with notifications regarding updates. The system makes integration with other assets types such as pathways, order sets, and documentation templates possible. Through creation and management of pharmacogenomic interactions within CKMS, curation and governance are supported. Curated content can be extracted in a structured format for local system import. Ultimately, CKMS can also be a research tool for all pharmacogenomic-related information, assisting with the development of new data and knowledge assets.



Starts with installing the CKMS platform, and extract/transform/load (ETL) pipeline to periodically import pharmacogenomic-related content from various sources to create the comprehensive dictionary. Semedy’s pharmacogenomic models can be extended to allow semantic connections to local or other reference sources such as FDA drug labeling, LOINC, RxNorm, NCI Thesaurus, and SNOMED CT. Presentation templates and queries can be customized to consolidate all information into a single view for local needs.



Demonstration of pharmacogenomic interactions solution includes content obtained from structured and unstructured files, and model representation for various reference sources. Using actual examples from Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines, authoring of pharmacogenomic interactions will be showcased, along with semantic connections between different sources and version history.

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