Streamline order set creation and maintenance

Order sets

Semedy's Order Set solution, available through the Clinical Knowledge Management System (CKMS) platform, is designed to efficiently and effectively manage order sets and their relationships with orders (e.g. lab tests, medications, diagnostic tests, procedures) in an integrated central repository. This solution helps improve the quality of your order sets and overcome maintenance challenges with key features and benefits:

  • Standardized content model with comprehensive metadata, supporting the entire governance process from authoring to review, approval, and implementation

  • Categorization and tagging to simplify searching and browsing of order sets and individual orders, while also facilitating reuse and promoting clinical protocol standardization

  • Version control to track the evolution of an order set and its individual orders

  • Semantically enabled queries to help identify incorrect orders (e.g. asthma order set recommending a colonoscopy procedure), and invalid or outdated orders (e.g. diabetes order set linked to an inactive glucose laboratory orderable)



Starts with retrieving your organization's order set catalog and orders dictionary, and mapping these to preconfigured models in CKMS. Models can be easily extended to meet organizational needs. Order sets and orders can be periodically updated using CKMS' ETL framework. CKMS becomes the central repository for all order set management activities.



Showcases core features of CKMS and specific models and queries created to represent and manage order sets, including the ability to:

  • Find and select order sets that should be updated due to a market shortage of a muscle relaxant medication (e.g. methocarbamol)

  • Review the revision history of an order set for postoperative pain management

  • Find and update order sets with incorrect pre-checked orders

  • Find and select order sets with orders that are no longer in active use (e.g. laboratory tests, medications)

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