Create, test, and share eMeasure definitions

Electronic quality measures

A measure is the set of instructions to reproducibly and reliably report on a specific characteristic of a defined population.  Electronic quality measures are characteristics computed from the electronic health records of a patient population that indicate how well the population is being cared for.  Semedy’s Electronic Quality Measures Solution allows an organization to:


  • Create, validate, and share specifications of electronic quality measures, whether in narrative, structured, or computable format

  • Specify measures with re-usable building blocks (e.g. cohorts) assembled into numerator or denominator inclusions, exclusions, and exceptions - see Patient Cohorts Solution

  • Compute measures for simulated or test patients - see Synthetic Health Data Solution

  • Align quality measures with clinical decision support interventions - see CDS Solution



Semedy’s Electronic Quality Measure solution includes preconfigured and extensible models, extract/transform/load (ETL) pipelines for input and/or export, convenient authoring templates, configurable views, queries, and reports.  Source content is loaded and periodically refreshed using our ETL framework. Electronic measures can be loaded from an external source, such as public or government repositories; cloned and modified from existing content; or created de novo.


The demonstration includes how measures can be represented as narrative, structured, or executable specifications; how measures can be searched, queried, and validated using the platform’s built-in semantic reasoner; and how this solution seamlessly integrates with Semedy’s patient cohorts, CDS, metadata management, and synthetic health data solutions.

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