Extract, transform and load various content sources

Content Integration

Using CKMS within a complex clinical environment, often existing data needs to be loaded. While this can be manually accomplished for smaller data sets, for large data and recurring updates a more automated way is required. That’s where the CKMS content integration provides the connection. Various data formats like XML or CSV from a wide range of data sources like web services, application interfaces, databases, or plain files can be extracted, transformed, and loaded into CKMS. Either as a one-time-only import or flexibly scheduled.



Content integration within CKMS is based on the Apache open source project Camel. It provides the message-based infrastructure and many available connectors. The CKMS Content Integrator adds an extra layer on top and additional connectors customized for ETL requirements. ETL pipelines, programmed in Java, can be easily deployed, executed, and managed by using the graphical administration area within CKMS.


The use case in the demonstration shows how the CDC vaccines are integrated. A custom ETL pipeline fetches the immunization data from CDC, transforms and loads the data into CKMS. Beside the execution and management of ETL pipelines the demonstration covers aspects like scheduling and user notification for updated vaccines.

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